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Centerline offers 3 indoor leagues each year:  Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Each league runs for about 10 weeks and includes 16 matches.  All leagues include weekly practice and we take pride that our leagues have become more competitive than your average recreational league.  The goal for each player is to have fun and grow into competitive players so they can excel in club or school volleyball.  The price per player for each league is $110.  We try to average about 9 players on each team.  Entire teams are welcome, if you are interested in coaching, please email us at so we can set your practice time and give you any other information that’s needed.  

PLEASE NOTE:  We do our best to organize rosters and teams and get them to coaches as early as possible.  However, do the the normally large number of signups that happen during the final week of registration, most players/parents will not be notified of your team and practice night until after each season’s signup deadline!!!  When signing up, if you don’t have a coach to request, you can reference other players names you’d like to play with in the Comments section.  Please also list night(s) you cannot practice on if you have these conflicts as well.

CANCELLATIONS:  If a player cancels or withdraws from the league before the signup deadline, we can transfer the registration to an upcoming league or  issue a refund minus a $10 processing fee.  If you cancel after the appropriate league deadline, any potential refunds will be at Centerline’s discretion.

Youth Information

Youth League Spectators:  We have scheduled games as much as possible that limits the number of teams at our facility, however, there is not a spectator limit for those coming to watch games.

Registration is now open for our 2021 Youth Indoor Summer League registration:

2021 Youth Indoor Summer League Signup Link and Information

Youth Volleyball League Rules and Information

2021 Youth Spring Schedule- 10 & Under

2021 Youth Spring Schedule- 11/12 Rec

2021 Youth Spring Schedule- 11/12 Comp

2021 Youth Spring Schedule- 13-15 Intermediate

2021 Youth Spring Schedule- 13-15 Comp

2021 Youth Spring Schedule- 15-17 Comp


2021 Youth Spring Standings


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